Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moving Is Done! Nothing To Do But Read

Well, I finished my move today. The new digs are so cramped that I have literally nothing to do here but read. This is LAME! The only consolation I have is that it is very temporary. We have heard from the bank, or offer is progressing. This is all towards the marvelous goal of having a place of our own, and I will persevere. On the bright side, I have been reading Firedrake, and will likely finish it tomorrow. Despite having given a pretty harsh review for the first installment of the Trilogy of Fire: Salamander, I am rather enjoying this installment. Having the first book as a primer for traditions and names was a big help towards my enjoyment of this novel. After I have finished I will likely post a review.

Until next time!


Rath of Un said...

I have just started reading Firedrake, I just picked it up two days ago. It has been slow going for me trying to find the time to really sit down and get stuck into it. I hope that it will be a pretty good read.

Daemonetteboobs said...

One of my friends is reading Firedrake at the moment and he can't stop talking about how awesome it is. I'm looking forward to seeing your review.