Monday, November 29, 2010

Necropolis: The Founding Book Review, Part III

Wrapping up the first Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus is Necropolis. This is the tale of Vurvunhive, on the planet Verghast, which is attacked by its Chaos infested neightbor, Ferrozoica Hive. It's an intense story of betrayal, reversals, and mass scale combat which is relatively new to the series. This is also the book where the Ghosts take on the first of their new recruits.

  1. Blistering battle sequences. This is where Necropolis really shines. From the initial tank clashes between the two hives before the Guard arrive to the climactic ending upon an enemy warlord's apocalypse machine, Necropolis takes Abnett's good battles to a new level.
  2. Names get easier with familiarity. Just like it says in the first line. After a few of these novels under my belt, I am having an easier time telling who is who. It helps with immersion in the story if you have an inkling of what the character is going through rather than thumbing a few pages back to see who, exactly, he is talking about.
  1. Long intro. It takes a goodly number of pages before you really get into the meat of what the heck is going on, and why it is relevant to the tale of the Tanith.
  2. Names! While easier with the Tanith, the introduction of several characters with similar names and backgrounds (the miner and the smeltery worker were particularly tough for me), makes this entry into the series difficult in places. Abnett's inability to differentiate redshirts is still problematic for me.
This might be my favorite of the three included. It's really just that good. it is also followed by the short story In Remembrance, which is a little more exposition on some of the primary characters, including one of my favorites, Bragg. It is a pretty good tale in and of itself, but following Necropolis it's even more poignant.

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