Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pedro Kantor And The Gang

Now that I have outline what I want the general direction of my Spartan counts as Space Marines to be, I am going to start getting a little more into the nuts and bolts. As always, criticism and tips are welcome.
I decided to use Pedro Kantor instead of Marneus Calgar, because of scoring Sternguard shenanigans. Sternguard were an integral part of the list from the get-go, so Kantor helps them fulfill their full potential. He's also pretty kick butt in his own right. He has the glorious Dorn's Arrow, a four attack storm bolter, and a power fist. He also unlocks Honour Guard, which makes me happy. So, the plan is to stick him with his Honour Guard, and have them shoot 'em up. I have set up the honour guard with two auxilliary grenade launchers (the guys on the flanks) and the chapter champion has the relic blade. Combined with Kantor, this unit comes to 335 points. Not bad for a four model HQ choice, all in all, especially considering how much Dakka they are going to put out each round and the quality of armor saves they have going.

You know what else I love about these guys? They can do something No terminators can in a Razorback.


Loquacious said...

I am starting to see the appeal of Razorspam after a couple of well done demos.

CounterFett said...

I think that is the long term destination for this project. At the moment it is multiple small unit shooty. But that lends itself nicely to razorbacks as I get the models together.