Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spartan Order: First Look.

The much anticipated mail order did arrive yesterday, and after all of the prying eyes and hands were in bed last night, I stole away to the living room to unwrap, evaluate and, well, play with my toys.
Ah, so beautiful (wipes a tear of joy from eyes). It's like Christmas!
I think I could get away with counting these jumping guys as an Assault squad. I had about eight of them, and one of them was squished, so I guess it is well that I ordered a few spares.
These are going to be my Sternguard. the noob combo was originally going to be 'counts as combi melta' but now I am having second thoughts, since the base literally says plasma right on it. Should I use combi plasma just for clarity? I would rather have melta I think for a measure of dual role for these guys. I dunno.
I'm thinking of using noble team as a scout squad. They might just get used as characters though, I guess we'll see when the second half of the order gets here what I need to use them as.
Lastly, my Tactical squad. Here we see the needler guys (bolters), two heavy weapon troopers (Jorge on the right and the brute shot guy on the back left), and the squad leader (far left, two pistols).

I am also considering a tiny bit of painting here to differentiate what counts as what. Helmet colors for example. Like the Ultramarines standard, white for veterans, etc.

The second half of this lot should be getting here today, hopefully I will have another update later.


Gyro said...

Looking sweet, nice haul!

Loquacious said...

very fun, for you.