Friday, November 5, 2010

The Tentative Army List For My Spartan Marines

Well, since I blew it last night and published this morning's post instead of scheduling it for publishing, I still need to make a post for today! So this time I am phoning it (or rather emailing it) in.
After mustering my troops, so to speak, I decided what figures I wanted to count as which entries from Codex Space Marines. Now, understand, this is a VERY preliminary army list. I don't even have the points collated for my choices yet. Also, it is very vanilla. In this project, the interesting part is the models I am using, rather than what I am putting in the list for them to represent. While that is as it should be, please let me know if I have made ay glaring oversights. Also, since I am doing this without access to either the models or the codex, there may be some errors. Since I have posted pics and all, if there is something you guys out there can think of that I should do, feel free to let me know.
HQ: Pedro Kantor
.....Honor Guard x3 with AGL x2 & Relic Blade
HQ: Master of the Forge with conversion beamer.
Elites: Sternguard x10 with mulitmeltas x10
Troops: Tactical Squad x10 with flamer & missile launcher
Troops: Tactical Squad x5
Fast Attack: Assault Squad x10
Heavy Support: Devastator Squad x5 with Plasma Cannon x4
And that is it folks! Like I said, if you see any tweaks or improvements I should make here, feel free to let me know. If it's something like "Add a bunch of tanks" don't bother because there is nothing I can do like that right now, and simultaneously I am already working on it. That's just the way it goes, I guess.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

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