Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things I Learned On My Video Game Weekend.

Well, so it turned out it rained. My plans for moving, painting, and enjoying a life of leisure were put on a bit of a hold. Good news is, that still does not rule out my other, other, other games.
Army Of Two.

This was a lot of fun. Multiple life lessons in this one, but there are three that I am going to relate in this article, one on morality, one applications issue, and a note on fashion.

Item The First: So it turns out that doing good deeds and being moral gets you no where. There are several morality choice points in this game, and I always do the good guy option, and so far it has not failed to bite me in the delicate place I sit. The makers of the game seem to want to rub it in that your actions have no real effect in the grand scheme of things, and that everyone in the game world is doing dirty dealing but you. Kind of aggravating.

Item The Second: Always shoot around corners. In this game, sticking your gun out and shooting around the corner blindly will work well. You can aim, fire on full auto, and drop multiple enemies without being hit. While I admire it as a neat mechanic in the game, in real life this is less than worthless. Not only are you not going to hit anything and waste ammo you might need later, you are exposing yourself needlessly to enemy fire. Plus, does anyone but me notice he is actually sticking his head out past the plane of the corner? Umm, hello headshot?

Item The Third: Hockey masks are awesome. Honestly. The masks that Salem and Rios wear are inspiring. I want to get one and paint it up for my zombie survival kit. It'll go great with the rest of my armor.


Loquacious said...

So being good doesn't get you better guns? Suck.

CounterFett said...

It does in one place, but being evil unlocks guns in one place too, so that's pretty much a wash.