Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video Gaming And Why You Should Do It.

It's fun.

Really, there is going to be more to it than that. And this is not going to just be me saying why I think video games are cool, or that you should play this game, or what ever. But I think we all need to have other areas of recreation or hobbies. Something to inspire you and give you ideas when you need a break from whatever else it is you do.

I really only have three main hobbies. Two of them are so closely related they are almost interchangeable. Those would be collecting toy soldiers and Wargaming. Collecting Toy Soldiers was, for a long time one of only two hobbies, but it shoehorned into wargaming so smoothly that I did not even notice when it happened. By the time I did realize there was no turning back.

The third hobby I have is, of course, video games. This is important, because it give me a break when I am burnt out on either of my other two very similar hobbies. It also, oftentimes, give me flashes of inspiration for when I am working on my other projects. Incidentally, video gaming is not as bad for you as some folks tend to think, as long as it is done in moderation (as all things should be). I have incredibly fast reflexes. I can catch something that someone else has dropped with no prior clue it is going to fall. If you have ever done that you know what I mean. Since I am not in super great athletic shape, I can only attribute my swift reflexes and good hand eye coordination to action oriented video games. Being in decent shape helps too. Really, if it were not for computer and console games, my fingers would be permanently  scrunched up as though holding a paint brush.

So, take a break, bust out a favorite game, and be inspired.

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