Monday, November 22, 2010

Work Quote Of The Day!

I had a conversation today on instant messenger with my friend Bobby. We were discussing which crossbow I want and why. He thought I should get the one above. It went like this...
Bobby(13:52:24): 150 lb draw

James(13:57:50): Lol.

James(13:58:02): I want an 80 pound pistol crossbow.

Bobby(13:58:09): NOO......

Bobby(13:58:12): 150

Bobby(13:58:14): ahhahaha

James(13:58:30): An 80 will ruin someone's day.

Bobby(13:59:25): 150 will ruin 1.9 person's day

James(13:59:31): Lol.

James(13:59:45): You just used your calculator for that didn't you?

Bobby(14:00:31): 2 calculators

1 comment:

The LeadHead said...

LOL, pretty good. Bobby is right, though - pistol crossbows are essentially toys, and horribly inaccurate toys at that. Better to spend a bit more and get a full-size entry-level crossbow...