Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can't Murder Now...Sneezing.

Why are all the pictures that come up for the search term "too sick to work" of women? Is there some sort of gender bias at work here that I am unaware of?

Seriously, I came in to work today. Let me tell you about my commute before you commit to an opinion on that. I walk two miles to the freeway, then wait between 10-15 minutes for my ride (bless him!) to pick me up on the freeway onramp. Then we finish the commute to the next town over the pass. It's about a 25-30 minute drive. And it's raining here.

Remarkably, I feel a little better now that I am here. I didn't sleep last night. Oh well. At least Project: Deathwatch is humming along nicely.


Papa JJ said...

Oh man, such a rough way to start off your day. I hope you get through work okay and start feeling a lot better soon. Take care!

Thor said...

Do you walk uphill both ways though? ;)

CounterFett said...

Nope. At least it's pretty flat.
And I avoided the shortcut across the baseball field today since it would probably be a swamp.

So a little longer distance, but emperor blessed pavement the whole way.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I like that last little snippet.

I ride my bike to work every day of the year so I feel your pain (But I prefer always to ride than drive so it's my choice in end).

Some of those wintery days where it rains for the entire hour-hour fifteen on the way in can crush your soul a bit, even more so if you are not feeling the best already.