Friday, December 17, 2010

Deathwatch: Art Of Extraction

“What is courage then? Is it the response of fight over flight when
danger looms sudden and unexpected? No, such mere animal instinct!
Courage rather is the willful scorn of death, and the deliberate
acceptance of suffering, for honour, for duty, or for the Emperor.
Beyond this, the true glory—this is the will to face horror, to turn
death upon itself, to strangle nightmare with bare hands, and to do it
unsung and unknown for the salvation of Mankind.”

–Inquisitor Silas Marr, Reflections in a Glass Darkly

This is the reason I am so exasperated about the poor cover art. Honestly, this is INTERIOR art! In a world where most companies put good art on the cover, and line drawings on the interior of their books, Fantasy Flight Games puts this as a chapter cover. Of the last chapter no less.


Maybe I just don't understand game design. Though it is refreshing to have the interior art exceed my expectations. Usually the opposite is true.


Steel_Templar said...

Oh dear James, theer are too many secrets on the game industry, some day you will get the skill to understand them.
Can you show us the cover design?
come on this pic is cool, there is more inside the book like this??.

CounterFett said...

Sure thing! The cover artwork you can actually see a few places in here. The easiest is a few posts down where I show the binder, but I think if you click on the pink 'Deathwatch' Label at the bottom of this post, you can see a few higher res renderings of the cover art.

It's a stark difference. The interior art is vastly superior to the cover. And this is only a representative page, not even the best example.