Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deathwatch Collector's Edition Pre Order.

Fantasy Flight Games. whose site I frequent pretty heavily, has the pre order up for the Deathwatch Collector's Edition. 199.95! Ack! Well, it looks like I will not be picking up the Collector's Edition to complete my set. Sad Panda.

Seriously, unless Amazon has this for waaaay cheaper when it comes out, I don't see me getting this. I mean really, 200 bucks?


Gyro said...

You tease, I thought this post was going to be about how you bought the bullet and pre-ordered this amazing tome!

$200 bucks *is* a bit serious for such a thing, but then again, we wouldn't think twice (well maybe twice) about plopping down $200 bucks for a tabletop army. Some RPG'ers out there aren't harangued by our filthy lead habit.

CounterFett said...

You're right of course. If this was all I was playing (and at the moment it just about is) I probably would go for it.

Still and all, when the Collectors Edition of video games, movies, and other books is usually withing like a $10-20 increase, going from $60 to $200 seems...harsh.