Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deathwatch The Digital Version: 25% Done!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now a little more than 100 pages done with the printing and sleeving.

Can't wait for this to be done with!


Anonymous said...

Um-ah! Thief!

Haha.. I bought the book in September(So nice) but I haven't had a chance to read it yet or even think about setting up a campaign.

CounterFett said...

No, I bought the digital version from FFG.

And the print version for that matter.

I will probably buy the collector's edition when it comes out.

This is just for when I play, because Pizza does terrible things to the archival quality of your books.

Anonymous said...

It's really nice though, great detail and the artwork is fantastic.

Did you manage to get a pretty hi-res copy?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes of course, I didn't know they did that, good idea on their part.

Pizza does indeed do aweful things to books. As does beer/coke spillage.

It will probably be a bit easier to read than a hard back copy as well without having to stretch out the spine and damage the book.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, beer and coke are bad. Mountain Dew, despite being relatively transparent seems to be the worst, since it makes the pages SMELL.

My biggest problem with the digital version is that it is TOO nice. The pages take forever to print, something like 3 pages per minute. Which doesn't sound bad but is really slow to someone used to modern high speed printers.

Anonymous said...

Part of the business I run is creating training manuals and we run those at a decent quality for 15 pages a minute, even then that takes forever.

I can imagine with the different colours on each page as well that it would be eating your ink.

Once it's done it will be worth it though.

Papa JJ said...

I also did not know they offered a digital version, that's really cool. I'd like to see GW do the same for their rulebooks. I try to take good care of them but gaming's a hard life on books.