Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deathwatch RPG Core Rulebook! I Finally Have It!

This post could also be titled "The Book I have Coveted The Longest, With The Worst Cover Art."
I mean, honestly, look at that. With all the terrific art that FFG produced for this game, that is what they put on the cover? It's the only art I have seen that makes Space Marines look lame.

Nevertheless, I was finally able to lay my hands on the much anticipated full version, rather than the free adventure version that I have been using. Hopefully someone else in the gaming group will buy some adventures so we can start playing more. I am too lazy to just invent an adventure. Mission packs would be helpful.

Now that I have the full version, I have the option of making my own character, but I might just keep on as Brother Gregor, since I have invested so much time in him. I guess time will tell. 

Expect more Deathwatch Gaming Reports in the near future.

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