Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hey! I Got A (Not) Woodsman's Pal!

The Original Woodsman's Pal
In the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, I finally got a Woodsman's Pal. Well, sort of. See, the Woodsman's Pal is a machete/billhook that is made in the North-Eastern United states, and is a very nicely made quality tool. And I have wanted one for a real long time. But they are pricey, and I have never found one in a store, so I would have to pay gouger internet pricing and shipping.
The Trailsman
But a few weeks ago, while visiting a friend who is now a manager at my old store in Tracy, he showed me a pretty well made knockoff made by one of the 'house' labels, Elk Ridge. At the time, it had not been on sale yet.
Kraton Handle > Hickory
So I waited. Today, when my wife ventured to the mall in search of new jeans and a hoodie sweater, I sauntered in, found it on sale, and pounced upon it like the proverbial jungle cat. I could have spent more time with my friends there, but they were busy, so I made my way home to photograph and blog about my new acquisition.
The Billhook
I am a pretty good judge of knife quality, and while this is not the best exhibit of the cutler's art that I have ever seen, it is pretty solidly constructed, and came in at roughly 25% of the price tag of the genuine article. So I can cope. Perhaps after a more painstaking usage I can do a more thorough review upon this, my most recent Zombie armory addition.


sonsoftaurus said...

Cool find. What's the (intended) use of the hook? Trimming branches?

CounterFett said...

Yeah. I have used a bill like that for taking off small (green) limbs when cleaning a branch.

When I was a kid, my dad called it a 'lopper'.

Loquacious said...

Congrats on an awesome deal!