Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Name That Weekly Feature! Vote In My Poll!

Well, I mentioned in the Weekly Report this morning that I was thinking about a weekly feature in the spirit of Bubba Shelby's Harley Qwendnesdays, and asked if anyone had any ideas about what I should call it. I had several good responses, but since my judgement is always suspect in this sort of thing, I figured I would throw it to the field.

Help Me Internets, You're My Only Hope!

Anyway, here are the options, in CounterFett's Patented Numbered List Format!
  1. MonDomino
  2. Tuesday Dominewsday
  3. Do' Mo' Damage Monday
  4. We Do Death Wednesday
  5. Through You Thursday
  6. Minion of Mayhem Monday
  7. Saturday in the Park
  8. Domin(g)o
And there you have it folks, let me know what you think! Either vote in the poll to the right, or if you have a better idea, comment in the comments section at the bottom of this thread!

P.S. I used the picture above so that you peripheral comic fans out there would remember who Domino was, and because it's my least favorite of the images I have. As much as I love Wolverine, he has some serious hygiene and hormonal issues in this pic.


Mike Howell said...

Gotta go "Tuesday Dominewsday" ... written it is a little awkward, but it is big fun to say out loud.

Gyro said...

"Do Mo Damage Monday" is my pick for sure. I am partial to number six as well, especially for the alliteration, duh, "Mik's Minis", but I'm also protective of the 'minion' in there!