Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Order Up! Or, My Box Arrived And I Have Nowhere To Put It.

So, the good news is that my order from the FFG mega-Black-Friday sale finally arrived (totally not fast enough to justify the shipping they charged me, btw), but the bad news is that I do not have enough room to actually take it home. See, I had it shipped to me here at the office, and I got some really cool stuff, but since we just had our offer accepted on the house, we have not moved out of my mother in law's where we are currently staying. And as you might recall, I have no room there for ANYTHING!

So, at the office it all shall stay, until such a time as we have our own place moved into. Fingers crossed it should be happening soon.

In any event, I recieved the AT-43 Tactics book I mentioned earlier, plus a box each of Steel Tacarms, Shock Tacarms, and Jam Tacarms. What the difference is between each type, I could not tell you, though I take it one is anti armor, and another is anti-infantry. I will have photos up of these soon, as well as a review of what I think of the Tactics game itself. First glance through it looks fairly cool, like a self contained lite-RPG or small skirmish battle game. Like maybe Necromunda, but with a lower model count.

Should be interesting to play a game or two in the next few weeks.

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