Monday, December 13, 2010

Perils Of The Warp

The Inquisition wishes to remind you that even cute Pokemon are not immune to the twisted corruption of the warp!
I cannot remember what I was searching on Google Images that brought this up, but I laughed Sunny D out my nose when I found it. I have been trying to overdo the Vitamin C to help end the nasty cold I have had the past few days. I thought it was not a real thing, but found out that it is really in the Pokemon games. Apparently it is called Cubone. Nintendo secretly worships Chaos...who knew?


Mike Howell said...

lol Despite having a knowledge of Pokemon (I have kids!) I have never made that connection.

Now do a google image search on "cubone" and check out the many disturbing pics!


sonsoftaurus said...

Actually reminds me more of WHFB lizardmen, like the Temple Guard.

Lord Kroak, I choose you!

CounterFett said...

Ooh, good call SoT. That did not occur to me because I am not that well versed in Fantasy.