Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Space Hulk! Vandal Team Strikes Back!

Finally got a chance for a rematch against Sammi where Vandal Team gets a chance to redeem its earlier loss. This time, instead of playing her beloved, though admittedly lacking in tactics, Pink Bloodletters (which are in storage anyway), she wanted to play as a small shooty force like I usually do.

I played as the aforementioned (and always awesome) Vandal Team. From left: Silar, with plasma pistol. Loquacious with Shotty (autocannon), Captain Gyro with SMG & Sword (Bolt Pistol and Power Sword), and Mario with Energy Swords (lightning claws).
Sammi played Covenant counts as Eldar Aspect Warriors. The Brutes with Spikers are Dire Avengers, and the Elites with Carbines are really Fire Dragons. Since there are no points in the Space Hulk Bible to let me know how exactly these balance, I gave her a numerical advantage, and counted Vandal Team as Power Armor Space Marines rather than Terminators.

I remembered to take pictures of the pregame force setup but then forgot to take more during the game. Whatever. This was a learning experience for my junior general, and I won the day with no losses! Go Vandal Team! I finally hit my groove with using the Vandals as a cohesive force. I used Mario with his claws to support Silar while the plasma pistol was recharging. I gave (Captain) Gyro a power sword to help contribute as a front liner, while Loquacious just ripped with the autocannon.

One modification we made to counter the low model count was that we gave everyone 2 wounds. Made for a bit of book-keeping, which is counter to Space Hulk mythos, but did make the game last a little bit longer. Otherwise it could have ended in one round of Shuriken Catapult rock n' roll.

Still, a very fun time was had by all, and I got to win for a change. Vandal Team is cleaning up the galaxy, one hulk at a time!


Brutorz Bill said...

Love those Legos!

Gyro said...

Ha! Nice, good to see Captain Gyro back in action! I don't get the Space Hulk tag though, how do you do that?

CounterFett said...

I have the space hulk bible, which has all the rules from 1e Space Hulk, including white dwarf and expansion rules. What I don't have is any Space hulk board or minis. So I use other stuff.

I use the Legos to represent space marines, and the covenant to represent Eldar.

Pretty intense shootout, though like I said, we gave everyone 2 wounds otherwise it would have ended quick.