Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strife: Or How Wyches Can Solve All Of Your Problems

I already talked about how a box of the new Dark Eldar Wyches solved the problem that I was having with coming up with a way to build Fury, the Horsewoman. Well, turns out they solve a few of the problems with Strife as well. You know Strife, right? Rider of the white horse, looks like this:
Well, the problems we have now are that he is wearing some sort of techy mask, and that he carries pistols. Enter the Wyches. One of the heads that comes in the box set is this.
Not perfect, but pretty close. Also, they come with these pistols:
Again not perfect, but in this case, I just do not feel like converting something closer. Especially since THQ is going to bring out Darksiders 2 now, which will make these guys (likely) obsolete when it comes out and changes their looks.