Monday, December 20, 2010

Uruk Hai, Or, Another Reason I Love The Woodsman's Pal.

Uruk Hai, are, without doubt, the coolest fictional race of baddies in the history of literature. Which is why I am so happy that in Peter Jackson's movie of the trilogy, they are carrying what is basically a straight edged version of a Woodsman's Pal.

Seriously, compare...

 Uruk Hai
My knockoff Woodsman's Pal

Pretty neat, huh?

Like I said, a hands on review is in the making, my mother in law has a bunch of junk in the side yard that probably needs some pruning. I have to be careful though, since I live in California, and machete yardwork does not seem like a great way to meet the neighbors.


sonsoftaurus said...

Yeah, you might expose their medicinal crops.

CounterFett said...

Funnily enough, that's not what I meant, but is also very true.

I did detect a certain tangy aroma while walking back from where my carpool drops me off...