Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Very Ramjet Christmas

This bad boy came out right after the last Transformer movie left the theatres as a Walmart exclusive, but I never bought it. I kept waiting for it to go down in price, because even with how much I love Ramjet, it was originally $30, which is well above my self imposed $15 limit for toys. I stopped seeing him in stores rather than the drop in price, so I had written off getting what has to be the best recent version of Ramjet.

So this year, scouting Walmart for bargains on Boxing Day, I found an endcap where they had scads of clearance transformers from previous waves. As I was looking at some old Universe wave motorcycle guy they had for $2, I found my long sought Ramjet, with his buddy Skywarp, for a measly $11. I passed on Skywarp (which I hopefully will not come to regret), and performed the copyrighted mountain lion pounce.

So now I have my Ramjet. Dreams do come true.

I have not played much with this one, but because one of the missile launchers is broken, I just keep all the missiles out. In all honesty, I don't really care, as I always end up either breaking or losing those missiles anyway. pretty rad, huh?

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Loquacious said...

woohoo! Merry Christmas