Monday, December 27, 2010

War Rides Again! Picking A Starting Point!

The Easy Part!

I decided this morning that I wanted to convert up War, the Horseman of the Apocalypse from Darksiders. I had planned to use the Chaos Terminator Lord kit, with some Dark Angels bitz to make a foot version of War, but then Daemonetteboobs left a great comment that a Chaos Knight would be a good starting point. I took a look, and guess what? He was absolutely correct! Aside from some of the extras (which are separate pieces anyway) the base miniatures will be perfect. Plus, since they come in groups of 5, I can model up all four of the Horsemen.
I found this picture, sort of a group shot. War is on the left, Death is in the front, of course. I have to imagine the green cloaked guy is pestilence (Edit: Strife, a fairly accurate translation from the original rather than the common misinterpretation I used when I originally wrote this), and that leaves the Lady to be Famine (Edit: It turns out she is named Fury. Umm, whatever, I KNOW the rider of the black horse is supposed to be famine and carry scales, but I guess that makes for a bad action hero). She's going to be the tough one to put together, but I'll come up with something.


MaxDemon said...

Actually, with Fury I think the new Dark Eldar will be your friend. Get the riding legs from the jetbike, a witch top (and there's your whip) and I think you'll be set.

CounterFett said...

Haha. Yeah, I just saw that this morning. I gather that people thinking further ahead than me in the comments is going to be a theme with this series.

There are pieces in the Wyches set that will work for Strife's mask and revolver too.

Good call on the Jetbike legs, I missed that!