Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weakly Update: Revenge Of The Weak!

Good afternoon all and thank you for taking time from your hectic holiday frenzy to catch up with us here at All Things Fett! Been a busy week, and a relatively good week, despite the horrendous illness I am still recovering from. On the upside, we have a lot of good stuff to report, so on with the show!
  • Project Deathwatch is nearing completion at a breakneck pace. We have in fact hit 96% completion. I don't know what exactly the answer is to the problem of if the binder will be big enough. I might just move the thing into two binders of slightly smaller size, simply because the current binder is so bulky, that even if all the pages do fit, it is almost unreadable anyway.
  • I read the new Tom Clancy novel Dead Or Alive, and will likely key a review of same.
  • My order came from FFG, so I have a batch of TacArms (whatever that means) which are basically armored ExoSuits, and a new game system in AT-43: Tactics, which I have to read a few times so that I can start playing it. The miniatures themselves are still hanging out underneath my desk at work because I do not have a place to put them at 'home' right now.
  • Been watching through the DVD collection of Big Bang Theory via Netflix. God bless that service, otherwise I would never watch anything. My wife says Leonard reminds her of me, though I don't know if that's a good thing or bad. He's the most normal of the lot, though being 'normal' only by comparison worries me a little.
Anyway, that's all for now, hope you all are doing as well out there. See you soon!


Loquacious said...

On Tom Clancy: was it one of his ACTUAL books or was it one of the "ghost series"?

CounterFett said...

It's in the main franchise story, but it is labelled as 'co-written."

The other guy was probably a little more 'co' than old Tom, but it was more in his style than the spinoff series are.