Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekly Update: The Return Of The Weak(ly) Update.

Good morning all, and have a happy hump day courtesy of All Things Fett! I am considering making this the official Wednesday post for a few reasons: It helps me crystalize my plans for the rest of the week's posts, it alows me to give updates on other projects people might be following but where progress is not large enough to merit its own post, and it is good for when I am feeling a bit under the weather, as I am today. Also, I still really like lists of bullet points!

So on with the news flash!

Things going on:
  • As you all know from yesterday, I broke 25% completion on the Deathwatch sleeved and bindered version. This is important, since I plan on keeping my print version in good long term condition. This might be loosened up a bit when I get the collector's edition, but I don't really see that happening. I did get more pages printed, so the level of completion will be increasing this evening.
  • My order has not arrived from Fantasy Flight Games yet. With the cost of shipping they charged me ($12.75 on a $24 order), I was sort of expecting some sort of teleportation technology to be employed, but whatever. When that comes I will likely be playing some AT-43 Tactics, and/or Proxying the TacArms as low point level LoganWing. Won't that be fun? Me, using a proxy army for 40k. Who saw that coming?
  • The Mantis Warriors have sadly, not progressed since the move. What with getting the new house, I would expect a spat of ill considered frenzy painting as soon as I finish moving. That should (hopefully) be in the next month.
  • The OgrynWing concept is humming along nicely, I will most likely be putting together some army lists for this idea. They won't be any good, but since this is my tertiary army (after Spartan Marines and Mantis Warriors) how much progress were you really expecting?
  • Some time last night, we broke 500 comments! It makes me happy that enough of you read and care enough to leave such good feedback. Thank You All!
Sorry about the heart of darkness size block of text there folks, if you read through to this point, let me extend my most heartfelt thanks!


Warhammer39999 said...

Congrats on 500 comments.

On the topic of Fantasy Flight, shipping was a little more atrocious for me, but it looks to be about comparable in ratio of price:shipping fees. I was pleased with how fast they shipped though, as they arrived two days ago. You'll get 'em soon, I'm sure.

CounterFett said...

Cool, that's good news at least.