Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weekly Update: Something To Report!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen from all of us here at All Things Fett!
Astonishingly, while this feature was designed as a sink for space because I was not getting a lot done on my myriad little projects, I actually have stuff to report this time. So enough adoal, and on with the show.

  • Project Deathwatch has reached its conclusion! That is right, all 402 pages of the mighty tome have been printed, sleeved, and bound. It ended up needing two mid size binders, which is too bad, but whatever. I am still using the fast start rules for the most part, just because the main book has so many options, but we are integrating the new character options slowly.
  • I got in a game of Space Hulk with my little girl, and she already wants a rematch! Because my game board is in storage, we used LEGO and MegaBlox characters for mini's and used inches instead of squares of movement. It worked remarkably well, really. Look forward to more battle reports from deep space. Hopefully the next batch will have actual pictures.
  • I was thinking of instituting a new feature here, and I need a little help! See, BubbaShelby over at has a great weekly feature called "Harley Qwednesday" where he posts art about his favorite comic anti-heroine Harley Quinn. I was going to blatantly rip him off and do a similar thing for Domino, awesome gunslinging X-forcer of luckiness, but her name does not work out quite as cleverly with any day of the week. So I need help coming up with something. The best thing I am able to come up with on my own was MonDomino...see for Mondays? Like I said, I need help! HELP!
As always, thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you all!


sonsoftaurus said...

Tuesday Dominewsday?

Loquacious said...

Do' Mo' Damage Monday
We Do Death Wednesday
Through You Thursday (a little obscure, but fun)

Minion of Mayhem Monday

Oh Domino- Saturday in the Park (VERY obscure but still funny)

CounterFett said...

It actually had occurred to me that Domingo is Saturday is Spanish, I think.

CounterFett said...

Erm, actually it's Sunday. So maybe something like Domin(g)o?