Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Update!

Hey all, Counterfett here!
Just a quick update from your friendly staff here at All Things Fett. I have a new commute routine to get used to, which in addition with the aforementioned staying at the mother-in-law's, has combined to bring down the quantity and (I feel) the quality of my posts. Definitely less work-in-progress or painting pics than I would like. I AM making some progress on a few hobby related fronts, so I thought I would touch base with you all and let you know a bit of what is coming around down the horn!

  1. More reviews: I have The Saint: A Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus, that I am currently reading at a snail's pace, but that will be changing shortly. Expect to see more reviews for each entry in the Tanith series as I complete them.
  2. EZIO! Yes, Part II & Part III of my Assassin's Creed action figure are still en route. Expect more Auditore tonight!
  3. Gaming reports. More Deathwatch RPG should be coming up, and I will have reports and more fun regarding everyone's favorite space highlander, Brother Gregor.
  4. Classic Gaming Moments. This was a feature introduced some time back about things that I loved from some of my favorite video games. Since I see playing more video games in the near future (thanks Ben!), this will likely be making a resurgence.
That's it for now folks! Thank you for your patience...stay tuned!

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