Sunday, December 12, 2010

WorkingMy Way Through The Art Of Deathwatch.

Still soaking in all the gorgeous art in this tome. This edition has to do with Artwork which pertains to Librarians.

Now, much like Wizards from D&D, while I respect the role they can have, I will never play as one.
 Oh, so that's what a psychic hood looks like! The Force staff looks an awful lot like a chaplain's crozius in this frame.
The text attached to this image is Librarium Honors. Is that like terminator honors for Black Templar? Will they have more attacks but cost more now?


giles said...

- don't think that is a Black Templar, I think it is an Inquisitor. Black templars do not digg Psykers being more 'ABHORR THE WITCH!!!!' kind of guys.

DaveHowitzer said...

that's not what he meant. He was asking if Librarium Honours were the same thing as Terminator honours. They used to be in all the marine codexes till 5th ed, then got taken away, but BT still have them. He made the joke that the Librarians would have +1 attack but cost more.