Sunday, January 30, 2011

Army Cookoff 2011: Vote In The Poll!

There's that Decision making disorder acting up again. I need your help, loyal internets! I have narrowed it down to five nearly realistic options on the poll in the top right corner of the page (which already has votes amazingly). The options are as follow:
Tanith First And Only. This is a bit of moderate conversion. I was planning on using Lord of the Rings Rangers for bodies, with a small assortment of weaponry from maxmini to represent the Tanith. Plus points for coolness, minus points for being Imperial Guard, meaning more bodies. More bodies = more assembly and painting.
Deathwatch. I posted a bit about painting Khurasan here and that is still the plan. The question is do I want to keep this as a Space Hulk project, or do I want it to be dual purpose, ie Space Hulk and 40k. I like the idea of them being solely for Space Hulk, but I must admit to wanting to make a Deathwatch inquisition army for a while.
Mantis Legion. This has the advantage of being a project I am already working on, and already having some paint on plastic. I have been away from this too long, and have lost some of my excitement over it, but I am certain once I am in the new house and painting those terminators in the tranquility scheme, I will be raring to go once more.
Chaos Marines. Yeah, I could touch up those Khorne Berzerkers, shanghai my daughter's bloodletters, and be halfway done. This is the lazy and cheapskate in me talking of course, but I must point out that those are very strong motivators for me.
Legio Cybernetica. The Imperial Robots are a bit of retconned out of print obscura that I have been in love with for a long time. I don't know for sure how I would do it, or what they would count as, but it's one of those projects that have been on the back-back-back burner for as long as I have been painting toy soldiers. It might be the right time.

So, let me know what you think! Vote already!

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Gyro said...

I voted on finishing up half-done projects...there's nothing like the satisfaction of completing something and if you start something new while not finished the old, well...