Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Art Of Deathwatch. Marines

In this installment, we are taking a look at the artwork available for the different types of Marines included in the base game itself. I know, I know, we all want Chaplains. I don't get how they included Librarians in the game but not Chaplains. I'll get over it. Really.
Tactical! The most common type of Marine (in the books and on the tabletop, anyway) Tactical marines are proven battle brothers able to dispense the Emperor's Mercy with Bolter and Blade. This , clearly, is a member of the Space Wolves Chapter seconded to the Deathwatch.
Now, I am unclear if this is supposed to be another Tactical or represent the Devastator, I lean towards the former, but since the actual Devastator from the free adventure is not a downloadable picture, our brave plasma wielding brother from the Dark Angels chapter will be his stand in.
Apothecary. I like all the thought in the book that goes into explaining the importance of Apothecaries in the Deathwatch. See, if the Chapter Seconding the Marine does not receive back his Legacy if he falls, it is a serious wound to the Chapter's future. Thus, Deathwatch Apothecaries are some of the bravest and most dedicated in their line. The very cooperative nature of the Deathwatch system depends on them.
Librarian. I've always been pretty meh on the idea of Librarians. Imperial Psykers, in my mind, should look like the Primaris Psyker or the Psyker Battle Squad. Nonetheless, this one looks pretty cool. I've never been quite comfortable with the red cartoon lightning bolt on a force weapon though.


Chris said...

Love the Dark Angel plasma dude - looks kinda like a standard plasma gun rather than a cannon, so I'd lean towards tactical too.

As for the comic book/cartoony effect on the force weapon - I think it's actually part of the force weapons design, rather than psychic force or anything of that nature - maybes it's copper or some other kind of psychoreactive alloy that allows a battle-psyker to focus pyrokinetic energy...or somesuch? :)

Porky said...

I'm not such a fan of the style, but there's no arguing with the quality. The proportions are great, even if the heads seem just a little too small.

I like the development of the apothecary too.

Jack said...

not a fan of libbie's sword, either... actually, his head was one of my least favorite parts- unless you see it close up, it kinda looks like bad copypasta, and where's his psychic hood?

tho i gotta say, seeing an official storm warden in deathwatch colors got me all tingly inside ;P

Dragons Claw said...

there are rules for chaplains in rites of battle