Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Art Of Deathwatch. Planetdrop

The glorious Deathwatch tome is literally filled with terrific art. It is nearly 400 pages, and art covers nearly every page. I could post art from it forever (or at least until FFG sent me a C&D order, lol). Since I am not willing to devote that much time to a project, even if it involves my main homeys the Deathwatch, I figured I will limit myself to the public domain stuff that has appeared on their website (or other sites like it that are posting public images).
This edition deals with Team Insertion. The first phase, of course, is transit from the warp. I realize there have been other images of Imperial Battlefleets warping in before, but this one will always be the definitive capture. I can't tell if the perspective is messed up, or if that central ship is just that much bigger. And I like not knowing.
And what would be a post about Space Marines arriving in battle without a gratuitous Drop Pod assault? I know I love them.It's been a while since I have seen a full fledged drop pod assault on the tabletop, but it fills the fiction. And, I guess, this is what one looks like.
Last, but not least, we have my favorite image from this installment. Titled "Deathworld", it shows that, for a Deathwatch team, getting there really can be half the fun. This is such a deceptively simple piece, but is evocative of the Rogue Trader Era of 40k art, with its charmingly chunky depictions and stark shading. Maybe my favorite plate from the whole book. And that is saying something.


ian!!!! said...

Outside of the artwork which is stellar in these fantasy flight books, thank you Barnes and Noble and free time, how does the game play?

CounterFett said...

It's a fairly smooth flowing game if left to its own devices. I have not wrapped my head entirely around
all of the character options in the main book (there are a LOT), but even doing the free download quickplay adventure, it is pretty immersive and a lot of fun. The Horde mechanic, especially, I have been raving about ever since the first time I played.

Papa JJ said...

That is some really cool artwork. I did think at first glance that last one, also my favorite of this set, was a much older piece of art. Definitely worth a closer look, thanks!

Andy said...

Ha! I wrote the art brief for the Death World pic, and I must say, its one of my favourites too :-)