Monday, January 31, 2011

The Art Of Deathwatch. Watch Fortress.

Hello all, I figured since all I posted today was a very lazy MonDomino and a book review, I would do something a little more directly gaming related, and revisit one of my more acclaimed series, The Art of Deathwatch. This installation has us taking a look at that rare safe haven for the Battle Brothers in Black, the Watch Fortress.
This picture has been on the blog before, in regards to way back in the when, where we got approved for buying our house. Seems like a long time ago, and it was, yet I still have not been able to move in. That really has more to do with the banks involved being total wankers. And I'm not leaving that one notary off the hook either, but I digress. This here is a Watch Station, and a formidable bastion it is.
This is the Chamber of Vigilance. Where Deathwatch Space Marines go to know...vigilant.
Ah, the Armory. A whole room of my soon to be new abode is going to look Just. Like. This. Servo skulls and all. I don't have a power fist, but I am working on it.

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