Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coolest Mini Ever!*

*Your mileage may vary.
Now, I am an unabashed Star Wars Fanboi. It was the first thing that got me into scifi, and remains one of my favorite universes. So Thanks to Tabletop Fix, I heard about Knight Miniatures, who have a 30mm range of Star Wars Minis (amongst what seems like a 60-70mm scale range of Star Wars and Marvel characters).

I was hoping to find this, to go along with the far off future day when I create a Inquisition army of a Inquisitor Lord and hordes of Imperial Storm Troopers. Since Grey Knights are coming out in April (surely messing up the Storm Trooper horde angle), I'll likely have to do such a thing based off of the Witch Hunters. No worries, though sadly my inquisitor lord will not have terminator armor. It is all progressing as I have foreseen.


DrGabe said...

As a fellow Star Wars fanboi, I say these models are Awesome!! Now how to figure out how to get these in my grimy hands. Thanks for the link!

Papa JJ said...

That is one awesome miniature! I really like your idea of using him as an Inquisitor, that would be great. Very cool....