Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daddy's Got A Brand New Handful Of Heroes

I have been wanting to play a superhero style miniature game lately, but none of the miniatures out for the superhero games really grabbed me, nor were any available in my area. I don't like to mail order if I can buy local.
So I came across these guys at the local WalMart and thought 'Huh, those guys are about 28mm heroic scale.' I might paint them up, or I might not. Doesn't matter that much, I guess. I have not figured out just what game I am playing with them. I might just use the Swords & Wizardry rules I was talking about earlier.

In any case, I got eight figures, and I thought I would post one a day (two per day in the case of The Hulk). So look forward to that in the coming week!


The Antipope said...

Do these guys have any detail on them?
I used to play Marvel Heroclix but I grew out of it very fast. Still got all the models though!

CounterFett said...

Not a ton.

They fall under the category of 'less is more' for me, since most of what's going on with a superhero is a sleek costume anyway.

Some of them are pretty slick though. I'll get to that this week as I post the figs. Wait until you see the Punisher.

The Antipope said...

Cool, I know what you mean. I am a big fan of Marvel super hero stuff so I can apreciate that.

Heroclix models were pretty bad by the way (if you compared them to GW models) but they were okay for what they were supposed to be I suppose(pre-painted miniatures aimed at a younger audience).

Loquacious said...

we use Heroclix as the basis for our Hero characters in our Champions games. Most are repainted in some way, many with modifications as well.

Can't wait to see!

sonsoftaurus said...

We use lots of heroclix for supers games as well. I've also picked up some D&D plastics for things. I hadn't heard of these guys previously; will have to check them out. Thanks for the heads up!

An Enemy said...

Who was your super secret character though?!? I must know!

CounterFett said...

@ An Enemy: Haha.

xx Spoiler Alert xx

Some guy I never heard of called Mad Man.

@ SoT, you can get thhem in the toy department of Target or WalMart, they come 8 for $6. A little bit of a softer plastic, but should repaint ok.

I amazingly do not have a lot of the D&D prepaints. How are they. Scale? Repaint? Detail? Etc?

An Enemy said...

Yeah, I didn't know who that guy was either. Hulk villain apparently.

sonsoftaurus said...

For the D&D prepaints, I've mostly been getting monsters/larger things, and they look pretty decent, and are very sturdy too. I'll see about putting some pics up sometime.

CounterFett said...

Cool, thanks!