Friday, January 14, 2011

FAQs! FAQS for Everybody!

So, I woke up today to the beginning of a three day weekend, having taken the day off to go to one of my daughter's school functions, and found all over my blogroll that Games Workshop has updated the FAQ for several codices. Most notably, they have updated Black Templar and Dark Angels to 5th Edition Standard!
Dark Angels, even though I have never played as them, did give us the monniker whatever-wing to play with, so props to them for that. Black Templar, on the other hand, I have played as, and I am as happy as a cat taking a nap that they are a little more playable again. Now, don't get me wrong, they were not as helpless as the Dark Angels. The 10,000 year crusade still had some tricks up its sleeve, but there were very few decent builds. Hopefully, this evens things out a bit.

So, does this change anyones plans for gaming in the near future? What are everyone's thoughts? I know Loquacious has to be rubbing her hands together at this news.

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Loquacious said...

woohoo! off to go look!