Monday, January 3, 2011

Handful Of Heroes Part I

Hulk(S) Smash!

I like the hulk as much as the next guy, but I got two different versions of him in my first pack. Turns out of the 40 different characters, 8 are the Hulk. So if you are looking to collect this series, get ready to amass an army of Gamma soaked rage machines!

On the left, we have your typical Incredible Hulk. He has great detailing for a single 'flat' casting of this scale, and is immediately recognizable to anyone with half a brain. There are really no surprises here. I'm not crazy about the pose, simply because it is not very repeatable. If you get a lot of these, it does not matter how you repaint them, it's going to look like the same fig. Maybe some cutting and reposing?

On the right is what the pamphlet is telling me is World War Hulk, but what I tend to think of as Planet Hulk. Whatever, it is him in his gladiator gear from when he took over his own planet. I did not read the series, but I gather it was right up his alley. He smashed and chopped a lot of stuff. This is my favorite figure of the ones I got. The detail is great on the arm armor, the muscles and expression is well defines, and the pose is dynamic, unlike a lot of 'flat' casts.

Stay tuned for more every day this week!


Andy said...

Those models look very detailed to me! any chance of getting to see the repaints on those?

I never heard of these models, looks like a collectible something to me, right?

Are they 28mm?

Andy said...

Never mind that last question, just read your earlier post of the Handful of Heroes :-)

CounterFett said...

Sure thing!

When and if I repaint them, I will post it here. I think they would look nice if painted half competently, they have more detail on them than can really be photographed because of the one color sceme of the plastic.

You sort of have to see to believe it.