Thursday, January 6, 2011

Handful Of Heroes Part IV

Welcome all to the Thursday evening installment of Handful of Heroes.
Tonight's installment is that Howard Hughes of the Marvel world, the enigmatic, eccentric, egomaniac Tony Stark, wearing a version of his trademarked armor that I honestly have never seen before!

Really, what kind of armor is this? I am mostly familiar with Iron Man from the movies, having only read the comics from the used book store in Santa Maria when I was very young. Now we are talking used comics in the early eighties, and God only knows how old they were then.

I did have an awesome action figure of him and Dr. Doom one Christmas, so they always ended up playing supervillians to be foiled by the GI Joe team.

This sculpt itself was pretty nice, I just know nothing about this particular permutation of the armor. Anyone out there know?


CounterFett said...

Just testing to see if comments are enabled.

Dawfydd said...

Looking at the two prongs/ vents on his shoulders I reckon it's the 'Heroes Reborn' version.
Essentially a parralel world version of IM...

CounterFett said...

Ah, cool, thanks!

I really never would have figured that out.