Sunday, January 30, 2011

HIs Last Command: A Book Review.

In His Last Command, Gaunt and the Gereon mission team return to the Imperial Fold, and instead of being welcomed with open arms, they are basically put in front of a tribunal to decide if they should be executed for taint or not. -sigh- The Emperor Protects. Also, fun on a world full of crazy ziggurat cities called Mons, where the forces of Chaos are up to more than it appears.

  • Wrought Ones. Really, these beasties are awesome. Giant Chaos warped guardsmen or Ogryn with mechanical augmentation and armor designed to slay the unwary at night behind enemy lines. Made of win is what that is.
  • 'Say Hello To Mr. Yellow.' Brostin is really coming into his own as a character. I guess Abnett needs a few faces to replace those who have fallen, and recycles characters who we knew only by name and job. For instance, Brostin has been a flamer carrier since book one, but now he is Rawne's pyromaniac, butt-kicking sidekick. Sweet.
  • New Characters for comic relief. With so many of the characters that used to be relied upon to release tension either dead or tansformed by time on Gereon, Abnett introduces a new naive foil in the form of Junior Commissar Nahum Ludd. The poor guy just sticks his foot in his mouth in the most opportune fashion.
  • His Last Command. Yeah, I know it's the title. Now, I am not necessarily averse to an author using the title in his own book, but here I feel like I am being beaten over the head with it. I can name four examples, right off the top of my head, days after finishing the book. Too much.
  • Body Count. Yep, here it comes again. Not everyone is getting out of here alive. In some instances this can be frustrating, as a character that has been in the series from the start is only likeable for his last few appearances. 
  • New Faces. It was bound to happen. After a breather in the form of Traitor General, where I did not have to make a flow chart of new names and characters, they go and introduce a whole new contingent in the form of the Belladon 81st Recon being added to the Ghosts.


The GunGrave said...

I LOVED this book, it is definately one of my favorate 'new' Gaunts novels! I never get bored of reading it!

CounterFett said...

I rather liked it as well. I got sort of frustrated in the first half, when everyone was super mistreating the Ghosts, even though I understood why it had to be that way.