Saturday, January 29, 2011

LEGO Clones!

My wife spotted these a few weeks ago at Target, but we had not been able to get them until today.
They are pretty slick, even if the color scheme is a little wonky. They are certainly more distinctive than the previous waves' clone releases. In the pack you get a cool BARC speeder bike, a scout trooper to ride it with rifle, a Clone Commander with pistols, and two troopers; one with blaster, and one with rifle.

A pretty cool deal, even at $1 more than previous sets. I was excited she got these and let me photograph them, since I have not seen anyone post about them in the several toy blogs I follow. Neat to be on the cutting edge for a change.


Mario! said...

I saw these a couple weeks ago at Target (and the Mandalorian set) but decided to hold off until February for the sake of not letting my credit card bill get too high. You're the first person to post about them in my blogging circle too, so congrats!

CounterFett said...


Yeah, She got the Mando's too, stay tuned!

Brutorz Bill said...

Good Stuff!

kuku said...

sweet! first time i saw this set. must get it!