Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me Wanty!

Ok, so occasionally my posts are going to make forays into real life instead of just the gaming world. Well, I guess my book reviews are not gaming related. Or my movie reviews come to think of it. And I guess my toy reviews are only tangentially related as well. You know what....never mind.

I really want this D-Guard Confederate Bowie from kultofathena.com . I took three years (!) of fencing in college, and was a fair hand with a saber, but who has the room for a saber these days? So a good long bowie with a guard would make a neat substitute. Plus, it would cost less too. Honestly, this thing is nearly a cutlass, considering it has a 17.5 inch blade. That throws it out of bowie range, in my mind at least. It also comes with a nice scabbard, which is not really a reason for, but it sure is nice.

The thing that annoys me with this, as will all knives and swords made by Windlass Steelcrafts, is that they charge an extra fee to sharpen it. Honestly, should the sharpening not be implied in the purchase of a bladed implement?

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