Friday, January 7, 2011

My Wife Bought The HaloBlox Prowler And All I Got Were These Stupid Brutes!

Actually, I am always stoked to get more HaloBlox figures, she knows me so well. These guys are some sort of special repaint, as they seem a lot more dark of armor than the typical run-of-the-mill Brute. The usual color is what I like to call 'Covenant Metallic Purple.' Since these guys seem to be decked out in the Covenant's version of olive drab, I might use them as special forces commandos or some such. Into the Space Hulk bag they go!

On that front, I need to play a few games of said Games Workshop Intellectual Property over this weekend. Sammi wants a rematch for the savage beating she took the last time (she didn't take a single model of mine out of action), plus Vandal Team has been champing at the bit for a little more action.
For those of you who didn't notice the icon change, here we are playing some video games together. Now granted, video games are not as good for a growing kid as crushing deviant heretics in deep space, but we don't have the room here to play much Space Hulk (and when we do, we have to use inches instead of squares for AP). Oh what I wouldn't give to have my modular gameboard with me now!


Papa JJ said...

I hope Sammi doesn't get her revenge this weekend, best wishes to Vandal Team!

CounterFett said...

Last time she played as the variant eldar from the Space Hulk Bible, which she's never done before. Hence the poor showing, she didn't really know what she was doing.

She has a pretty strong track record of kicking my teeth in. She's a very good dice roller.

Papa JJ said...

I remember at one point she was using Bloodletters, right? Any guess what she'll choose this time?

CounterFett said...

The bloodletters are her best army, but they are in storage right now.

I'll let her pick, but it will probably either be the eldar again or power armor marines.