Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obliterators, And The Players Who Hate Their Minis

Obliterators are, without a doubt, one of the coolest things about the Chaos Space Marines Codex. They are basically two wound Terminators that can all carry any heavy weapon you might need. Want to mow down hordes? Oblits can do that. Need to bust a Landraider? Oblits can do that. Anything in between? Oblits can probably do that too.

Attractive models? Oblits don't have one.

I mean really, this goes to show that even the GW staff of painting geniuses that make me want to pick up a box of Chaos Terminators cannot make this mini look good. These need to be revamped worse than Dark Eldar did.

So what does any self respecting leader of a Chaos warband do? Counts as! Or in this instance is it Proxy(!)?

I took a hard look through what I had in my collection, or what could be had on the cheap to use for Obliterators. Turns out I already had a contender that made me happy.

These guys:
And these guys:
And these guys:
TacArms from AT-43. I had bought them on that holiday supersale FFG had for pretty cheap. I had no real purpose in mind for them, and since I have no storage space right now, they are currently living, still in the packaging, underneath my desk at the office. Sweet. They are about the right mass, come on the right size bases, and I own the right number (Three teams of three). did I mention that I already own them? I think that might be my favorite part.


sonsoftaurus said...

Can I get an Amen?

Amen brother!

Big Jim said...

I concur to a point. I love the concept art GW did for the Oblits, but give them a D- on the execution of the miniatures.

Which is why I went through all the effort in the following link.

I love the way the Oblits look after I stood them upright.

CounterFett said...

@ Sonsoftaurus...once again, I am apparently just stealing stuff from you. I know I even read this post, and just didn't remember it. The one other thing I forgot to mention in my article was the actual cost in dollars of oblits. $66 for three? And I want, like, 9?

@ Big Jim. Your oblits are definitely a large improvement on the original, though I am not nearly the converter you are, and this would, inevitably, make the models even more costly.

Big Jim said...

No doubt they are expensive, But I wanted to share my solution.


CounterFett said...

I don't feel that my response even conveyed how much of an improvement your solution really is. Your oblits do look superb.

My main problem is that I KNOW it would not come out that nice if I did it.