Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Return Of The Weekly Update!

Hey all folks, CounterFett here, bringing the beloved and reviled (in equal measure) Weekly Update to you on this fine frosty Wednesday morning. Now, this is a nice bit of me taking stock of the projects currently ongoing, which are still in progress, and what is going to be happening with them.

I found out yesterday that we are going to be closing on our house in the next two days, which means we can begin moving in this weekend. And there was much rejoicing. As such, this is particularly relevant, as some of my active projects are about to become a lot more active, if you know what I mean (and I think you do!).

Active Projects: These are the projects that I only left unwillingly, because there was no room or workplace available while we were waiting for the house to come through. Resumption of activity is forthcoming.
  • Mantis Warriors. Yeah, that's right, top of the list is my Taupe Terminators. The tranquility campaign isn't going to lose itself! My tigerstripe Tactical Dreadnaughts need me to finish painting their burnished gold and stripes. After that, Carcharadons look out!
  • Spartan Marines. I think I finally nailed down the Codex: Space Marine list I wanted to use, and once these guys are relocated, they are ready to roll. I am supposed to be getting in my very first game with them the very weekend I am moving (Sunday Night). Prepare for Glory!
  • Tanith First And Only. This is moving into the active projects list. I am going to start the acquisition and accumulation phase of this project. Basically, finiding and buying the pieces I want to use before I start modeling.
  • Gaunts Ghosts. Yes, I did mean to make this a separate entry. I am still reading the books. I am currently on Book I of The Lost cycle, Traitor General. I really like it so far, but the review will only be forthcoming once I finish.
  • Something Special. My Deathwatch/Space Hulk project I mentioned yesterday is about to get very real.
Inactive Projects: These are ideas that didn't make the cut. Due to resources (the lack thereof) or loss of interest. You won't be seeing much more of these.
  • Ogrynwing. This got left behind due to moving on of interest, plus some negative community feedback. I'm not one to let that get to me much, but it sure didn't help.
  • Board Games. Other than Space Hulk, of course. I simply don't have the time or money to devote to board games that I had been planning on getting. This means, unless something dramatically changes, you will not be hearing from me on the fronts of Castle Ravenloft, Tannhauser, Doom, or Starcraft Board Games. I think those are the ones I was considering. Sad Panda.


Porky said...

I like the idea of a weekly update. Info can get lost in the depths of a blog too easily and the reader can be left with too little context. This is a good way around.

Pity about the Ogryns, but the other projects look good from here.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I'm a bit down about the Ogryn as well, since I think I would have had a lot of fun with it, but it's one of those things where I would have had to start from scratch and buy EVERYTHING, models, bits, paints. Just no resources for that at the moment.

Yeah, I like the update to let people know where I am at with projects that are progressing, but not with 'WIP' results to photograph.

Thanks for the kind words!

Papa JJ said...

Congratulations on closing on the house, that's great news!! Real estate whatnots has been stressing me out lately so it's nice to hear some good news at least. I'm sure it will be fantastic settling in to your new space and getting to work on your hobby projects. Looks like a lot of cool things are on their way, best wishes to you!