Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something Special For Space Hulk.

What can I say? I love Space Hulk. I wanted something special to face down the Hordes of Sammi's Bloodletter Space Hulk army (counts as Genestealers, remember?). Lately, I have either been using Vandal Team or my Chaos Warband that I use for Special Operations Killzone, the former counting as Terminators, the latter counting as, obviously, Assault Space Marines (I use the 1st Edition Space Hulk Bible). Both of which are fun and all, but it is not what they were created for.

What I always wanted, what really made sense to me for clearing a Space Hulk of Alien Degenerates, was an Ordo Xenos Kill Team. That's right, the Deathwatch! Yes, this likely walks hand in hand with my blatant Deathwatch Fanboism, but there's more to it than that. I got into 40k on the shoulders of the inquisition. I 'bit' so to speak, for the Grey Knights, I was 'hooked' with Witchhunters, and I fell in love with the Deathwatch, via the late and un-lamented =][= Inquisitor game. Brother Artemis has done more for the Ordo Xenos than probably any other single mini...he's that awesome.

I want something large for scale...True scale, almost. Something wonky like old OOP Rogue Trader Space Marines with Beaky MkVI helmets. I don't want to mess around with Ebay. Khurasan Miniatures may have what I was looking for.
Not sure how good these guys will look painted up with Deathwatch colors, but looks like it might be a fun goofing off project for me, and will be something different than the Sternguard you usually see painted up as Deathwatch.
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Ghostin said...

These guys would be fantastic pre-arrival-of-the-Emperor Dark Angels!

LoneIslander said...

Seeing these makes me miss my own minis.

CounterFett said...

@ Ghostin: You're Right! I don't know how I missed that! For a Pre-heresy marine army on the cheap, I always figured I would use EM-4's space rangers, but I guess this would a good 1st legion/ Geno Warriors.

@ LoneIslander: Yeah, I am at my Mother In Law's right now, I know how you feel.