Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Advice, Sometimes I Don't Listen To It.

I think for the Scouts I am going to be making, I am going to buck convention and go with bolters on my scouts. I am, seemingly, going to buck convention further and go with a Heavy Bolter for the special weapon. Yeah, I know.

But, like I said, for the Army Cook-Off 2011, the important thing is to use the units you want to use, rather than what makes sense or is min-maxed. Will I change my mind and add snipers with missile launchers? Yes, probably. Will I get some with bolt pistols and combat knives at some point? Yeah, seems likely. The one thing that is for certain is that I have wanted to do scouts for a long time, and once I start, I will probably do several variations on a theme.

I had one suggestion to do an all 10th company army, which is probably not going to happen per se, but I might be doing something similar. I think I am going to have terminators and dreadnoughts, which, obviously, would not be part of the scout company.

Looks like I am going to forgo camo cloaks since I think my HQs are going to be Lysander and Master of the Forge. Improved cover for the win.


sonsoftaurus said...

Bolters and Heavy Bolter or a ML makes the most sense to me really. These guys are supposed to be training to be marines, but most of the time they're presented using weapons like sniper rifles and shotguns, that once they put on their power armor they'll never use again. Seems like a waste on one end or the other.

CounterFett said...

That was the logic behind the decision. Bolters are not a bad choice for anyone, as far as I am concerned.

Heavy bolters usually suck wind, but the Hellfire ammo for them makes them pretty good against infantry in cover, and at the low points levels I play at, that makes a lot of sense.

Now, because of the Cook-Off, this army will likely be my biggest one, so that might be a moot point. Like I said, I can add Missile launchers later if I need to.

Steve said...

I think you're dead on. I have only had mixed results with snipers. I love the Hellfire shell option on a scout heavy bolter. Keep us posted how you think it turns out in play

Steve -- 40k Terrain

Papa JJ said...

I'm with you for the same reasons sonsoftaurus described above. Also I've always liked heavy bolters for my Marine Scouts since the days of Advanced Space Crusade... ah, fun times!

CounterFett said...

Ah, the heady days of Advanced Space Crusade.

It's funny, I am a lifelong GW gamer, but I only realized it a few months ago. I go back to HeroQuest and Battlemasters.

When I was a kid, I thought that was Milton Bradley's fantasy world.