Friday, February 4, 2011

And The Winner Is...

The Army Cook-Off 2011 poll has finally come to an end. So who won?
Mantis Warriors!

The results of the 57 votes came down like this:
  1. Mantis Warriors: 25 votes. The winner. Are people really this into the Badab war? Amazing what a decent Imperial Armor book can do for a theme. When I started these guys, hardly anybody knew who they were or what they were about (even I didn't, I liked the Tranquility camouflage). Now they are cleaning up with almost half the total votes! This is great, because it's like two birds with one stone. The Badab Veteran blogring with be happy, plus I can knock out the Army Cook-Off challenge.
  2. Deathwatch: 13 votes. Second place, slightly more than half of first place. They actually had the lead for the first two days of the poll. I reckon these guys can just be happy with being my special Space Hulk project.
  3. Tanith First and Only: 7 votes. Hmm, this one came as a surprise. I thought this would finish a lot stronger.
  4. Legio Cybernetica: 7 votes. Well, this proved popular enough to have migrated from the back-back-back burner to the more prestigious back-back burner.
  5. Chaos: 5 votes. Wow. People really don't like Codex: Chaos Marines, do they?


Inquisitor Lord Aki said...

Geeez. Everyone loves the Badab thing. Making me considering a sm army.

Good luck on the challenge! I look forward to reading your progress.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I try not to be a band-wagoner. But at least I picked Mantis Legion back before IA9. I didn't know anything about them, I just liked that their alternate paint scheme was a type of camouflage. Made sense to me at the time.