Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bulletstorm! Reduced Hobby Load Due To Video Gaming.

Yeah, now that the new house is set up, and my Xbox 360 is hooked up, and I actually own some games to play on it that I like (I love my brother, and appreciate him giving me the system, but his choice in games SUX), I now have something to do with my time other than read and wargame.

Also, because my family is all sick, no one wants to play Space Hulk with me. Sad Panda. Oh well.
In addition to the aforementioned Bulletstorm (which is pretty kick butt, btw) eating up my time, I played a bunch of ODST this morning. I played the first level or so of the campaign, but also played a round of Firefight mode. Firefight is the reason I love ODST so much. It's the non-campaign co-op multiplayer the Halo series always needed. Playing by myself, I lasted 168 minutes. I forgot the wave count, but my kills were in the three hundreds. Personal Best!


kenchan13 said...

Check out Mass Effect 2. It is one of the greatest video games ever. It has been my all consuming obsession for weeks.

The Inner Geek said...

I alternate between swearing off video games in favor of hobby stuff and swearing off hobby stuff in favor of video gaming. I'm in hobby mode right now, but that Bulletstorm does look cool...

CounterFett said...

@ kenchan: Yeah I have seen it and played it a bit. It seemed really cool, but you know how it is, I need a new scifi franchise like I need more holes in my head.

@ The Inner Geek: Blletstorm is pretty rad, but it is VERY 'r' rated. I cannot play it around my kids at all. That's what ODST is for. No profanity, and even the alien blood is pretty neutral.

Zigmunth said...

I tried Bulletstorm and it is Kick Butt. But (eh!) I pefer to paint my models and socialis recently. Although, I found a good way to get my daily Black Ops fix AND paint:

I put my chosen colour onto a wet platte and start up a Hardcore Search & Destroy game type. If Im alive kicking... butt my paint is safe from drying. If Im dead I can crack on with my painting. You cant do that for too long though. My eyes dont like the extreme refovusing from a 28mm model to a 40" screen full of flickering images.

But, its a compromise!