Friday, February 18, 2011

Coteaz, Karamazov, And Valeria...Oh Crap!

It's not just lions, tigers, and bears now folks.  In this post over at the back 40k, SandWyrm brought my attention to the fact that there was a potential 'leaked' Grey Knights Codex out. I found it, was not too hard, and it looks legit to me. Upside, there is a Xenos Inquisitor (Valeria) in there. Yay, and there is much rejoicing. Maybe a good way to make a counts as Deathwatch Army?
Downside, Karamazov is in there. Does this mean that Codex Witch Hunters is now obsolete? I was hoping to squeeze a few more years of cheap Inquisition Storm Troopers out of that Codex. Crap.

Seriously, does anyone know all of the ramifications of this news?

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MasterSlowPoke said...

I'd guess that the Witchhunters book doesn't change and the dude on the Throne will just be available in two books until Codex: Sisters of Battle is eventually released.