Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Darksiders: War The Horseman

Ok, so lest you think I forgot, making a miniature of War for my Chaos Army is still on the itinerary. I will likely make the other horsemen as well, but we'll just see on timing of execution. These art pieces are emy major focus for inspiration on choosing parts to represent War's iconic gear.
 These two pieces are the best detail of his armor, thought the bottom is more accurate to the game, the top is great for the aura of menace. These frames are what made me think to use a few chaos terminator bits to make his more recognizeable armor parts, ie fist and skull shoulderpad.
I had originally planned to use a Chaos Terminator Lord (and may still do a one-off) but got a suggestion that a Chaos Knight would make a great start, and I think this picture seals that concept, in case you were doubting in any way. I think the 'ride in formation' pose of the knights will be hard to depict this dynamically, but we'll see what I can do.

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