Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deathwatch: Mark Of The Xenos Anounced!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced in the news section of their site a new expansion for the Deathwatch Role Playing Game.

“The Deathwatch must remain ever vigilant against the xenos. The Enemy Within may tear at the Imperium’s heart, and the Enemy Beyond may threaten the Imperium’s soul, but the Enemy Without presents a unique danger; alien civilisations that stand in the way of the Imperium’s destiny to conquer the galaxy.”
      – Codicier Taelon, Deathwatch Librarian

Deathwatch: Mark of the Xenos has all the hallmarks of a quality monster expansion. I anticipate new horde enemies, killer artwork, and maybe a smallish adventure or maybe campaign hooks. No word on release date. You all know my opinion on that when it comes to FFG. Be ready for a wait.


Gyro said...

Nice find, looks pretty cool.

typhoonandrew said...

Can't wait for some nice RP resources for Xenos.