Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreadnoughts With Autocannons. Space Marines Behaving Badly?

For the Army Cook-Off 2011, as you may have heard, I am building the Mantis Legion, and it is going to be in the Tranquility scheme. I am trying to portray a boarding team with Scouts, Terminators, and Dreads. The Dreads are going to be the bulk of my anti-tank firepower, and I am strongly considering making them Rifleman Dreads. For the two of you who know less about 40k than I do, this is slang for two twin linked autocanons.

For the rest of you, who know more, is this a solid idea? Throw it out, outfit the Dreads some other way? What are some pros and cons of the different types of Dreads? I'll admit, I love the idea of an Ironclad, but don't know if it is worth the points difference. That sort of thing.


Red said...

I like them a ton man, for Av11/12 you are almost guaranteed a result on the damage table with average luck.

You know at worst you are gonna get 3/4 shots but for the most part I get 4/4 hits, then it's over to the 4+ or 5+ rolls for a glance and up.

They are a good way to go, I'm about to go back to running 2 of them again now.

sonsoftaurus said...

In theory they're good, and lots of folks like them...but to me it just isn't really a dread without some serious krumpin' ability. Without a DCCW it's just a hopped-up Sentinel. ;-)

Red said...

sonsoftaurus is right there as well, I use them in conjunction with an assault marine + command hammer unit and they just hang back and open up the light armour for me.

1 attack at S6 is pitiful so you are better off just keeping them on the move 6" and raining down some s7 shells.